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Welcome to the Masconomet Arcade!

Below are select games created by CSII, III, & Gaming
students since 2002-03
Hall of Fame enshrinement represents BEST of the BEST

For your viewing pleasure

.html links plays most flash games at 550 x 400px
.swf links play at max size
try both to find the best playing experience
VB & Unity games require a download of a zipped file

Parking by Will (2021)

Space Invaders by Jimmy (2021)
Dodge by Timmy (2021)

Freddys by Sasha (2021)

Communist Cyborgs by Nick, Jordan, Eric (2010)
Sub Hunter by Jack (2009)
Deep by Pete, Steve, Jake, Ricky (2011)
Roly Poly Guacamole by Jake (2015)
Jumper by Pete (2009)
Sky Tower by Lee (2018)
Territory by Lee (2018)
Blitz Tower Defense by Mike (2018)
Sling Shot Hamsters by Jake (2019)
Dot Guide by Lee & Micah (2017)
Sling Shot by Nick (2011)
Target Game by Dave (2009)
Caribbean Pirates by Ben, Scott (2016)
Checkers by Ben, Scott (2016)
Crazy Castle by Jake, Phil (2016)
Type Quest by Jack, Austin, Cam (2015)
Hoppin Poppin by Chris & Alex (2011)
Donkey Kong by Greg (2009)
Evil Box Shooter by Ryan, Will, Jim (2010)
Space Shootout by James (2009)
Red Runner by Pete (2013)
Space Racer by Nick (2011)
Car Racing by Jeff (1st Flash Game in 2003)
Samurai Tower by Alex (2009)
3D Maze by Greg (2011)
HALL OF FAME Flash Point & Click
Whack-a-Mole by Jake (2015)
Catch the Stars by Dan (2009)

Mario by Cole (2009)

Targets by Lucas (2009)
Roly Poly by Jake, Phil (2016)
Tanks by Scott, Shawn (2016)
Desert Point by Mike (2017)
Jumper by Austin, Cam (2015)
Soccer Sashimi by Phil, Jake (2015)
Maze Runner by James, Andrew (2015)
Hazardous Climb by Brian (2016)
Kangaroo by Brian (2017)
Speed by Mark (2017)
Motor Speedway by Lee (2017)

Super Fantasy High School Party (2018)
HALL OF FAME Visual Basic
Battle Tanks by Jack (2009)
Space Dodge 2 Player by Nick (2010)
Flappy Bird by Lauren, Sam (2015)
Dots by Andrew & Morgan (2016)
Maze Runner by Scott, Ben (2016)
Tap Quest by Jake, Cam, Nick (2015)
Salad by Eddie, Tom, AJ (2014)
Tanks by Aaron (2009)
Basketball by Curt (2009)
Tanks by Kennu (2010)
Stick RPG by Kim (2009)
Escape the Castle by Adam, Sam, Pete (2015)
Max's Maze by Charlie & Max (2014)
Hacker by Scott, Zach, Mark (2015)
Doctor of Darkness by Lauren, Pat, Jenny (2015)
Whack-a-Punisher by AJ, Dan (2014)
Yahtzee by Kyela & Jack (2016)
Rask by James, Ethan (2016)

Jet Pack Joe by Jack (2019)
Jeopardy by Lucas (2019)
Bandersnatch by Ryan (2019)
Car Jump by Jake (2019)
Impossible Rage by Will (2019)
Seagull Hunter by Nathan (2019)
Money Bags by Alex & Kyle (2019)
Air Hockey by A Aron (2019)

FLASH Video Games CSII, III, Gaming
Dungeon Quest by Mira(2019)
Rapid Racers by Vansh (2019)
CDC Covert Ops Brian, Luis, Joe (2017)
Geo Rush by Nick, Cam, Ben (2016)

Garbonzo Garbage by Mike (2017)
The Labyrinth by Mike (2017)
Asteroids by Jon (2017)
Alien Maze by Pete (2011)
Shift by Aidan (2017)
Reptiles by Jack (2017)
Fruit Ninja by Kelli (2017)
One Night by John, Harry, Josiah (2017)
Ball Fall by John (2017)
Copter by Mike (2010)
Dangerous Stalactites by Andrew (2012)
Grade Canyon Nessie by Greg (2009)
Bank Robbery by Chris (2009)
Battle Toads by Greg, Doug, Braden, Ian (2011)
Nails by Mary (2015)
Catch the Cows by Claire (2011)
Beat Beat by Claire (2010)
Maze by Charlie (2013)
Maze by Jack (2015)
Lost & Confused by Jack (2015)
Mines by Danny (2010)
Death Match by Tim (2011)
Dodge by Chris (2009)
Disorientation by Luke (2011)
Mario Clicker by Erin (2012)
Snake by Foden (2015)
Mario by Greg (2009)
Modern Warfare Target by Jack (2010)
Cube Field by Clay (2010)
Virus by Pat (2015)
Geometry Bash by Pete, Sam, Adam (2015)
Jeff's Adventure by Steve & Steve (2011)
Copter by Josh (2012)
Key of Awesome by Nick, Nick, Curt, Stevie (2011)
Killzone by Lucas (2009)
Last Flight (2015)
Tanks by Doug (2010)
Cube Runner by Matt (2012)
Maze by Jake (2015)
Dot Survival by Nate (2015)
Pacman by Cam, Ben (2016)
Cubos by Nick (2012)
Capture the Flag by John (2010)
Mountain Plunge by Lauren, Sam (2015)
Tower Defense by Pete (2010)
Punchout by Nick, Zach, Mike (2010)
World's Hardest by Steve (2010)
Castle Crusaders by Jenny, Kyle, Drew (2015)
Rock 'Em Sock 'Em by Nick, Nick, Curt (2011)
Bomber Bird by Phil, Jake (2015)
Red Sox by Ethan (2010)
Jet Dodger by Andrew (2012)
Snake Game by Rachel, Ellie (2011)
Snowcraft by Christoph (2009)
Space Chasers by Pete, Ricky (2011)
Spetris by Nick (2009)
Target Game by Cole (2009)
Targets (Lan Play) by Nick (2011)
The Maze by Sean, Dylan (2011)
The Moon by Dave, Steve (2010)
Car Race by Robbie (2010)
Pokemon by John (2012)
Evil Box Shooter 1 by Ryan (2009)
World's Hardest by Dylan (2011)
Bullet Bill by Chase (2015)
ZombieField by Kevin, Will, Cam (2010)

FLASH CS3 Game Tutorial Point & Click
Alien Hunt by Pete (2014)
Spider Hunt by Davs (2014)
Ducky by Emily (2014)
Target by Brian (2011)
Snoopizzle by Jon (2009)
Vote for Obama by Chris (2009) 
Rave by Evan (2009)

Simpsons by Kim (2009)

Leaves by Kaleigh (2009)

FLASH Animations
Animation by Michelle (2009)

3 Hamsters by Mark (2008)
Tortoise & Hare by Nick (2008)
300 Banner by Connor (2009)
Operation by Craig (2009)
Comp Sci Promo by Rob (2007)
Halo Banner by Kyle (2009)
The Animation by Andrew (2009)

FLASH Musical Instruments 
Synthesizer by Jack (2009)
Piano by Jenny (2017)
Guitar by Dave & Nick (2010)

Drums by Kevin (2009)
Drums by Ryan (2009)
Drums by T.J. (2009)

Curse of the Labyrinth by Tom, Matt (2014)

Selection for the general arcade and Hall Of Fame occurs on a year-to-year basis. As students have become more proficient in programming, and technologies have improved, so has the quality of games since we started in Visual Basic way back in 1999.

I wish I held onto some of those early games, I can still remember a VB castle defense game in my first year of teaching that was pretty cool.



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